How we work

Research while working from home can be done!

Is it okay if I work from home today, I have a sofa being delivered? Can I work from home for 3 months because of a global pandemic?...

The research team within ECC have had to adapt like all other ECC functions and utilise the technology that would never have been thought about previously, and the ways of a researcher have had to adapt faster to this at an unnerving pace.

Can anybody be a researcher?

“An interview is just having a chat with someone, right? Anyone can do that.”

As researchers, whether it’s an interview, focus group, or even a survey, we put a lot of work into developing the research objectives, crafting the questions, and planning something which sets the right tone...

The value of secondary research

“Don’t believe everything you read in the papers” is a quote often heard throughout society whether it be a piece of celebrity gossip or a hard-to-believe factual article. But is there any value in using information from newspapers, magazines or websites to help understand work or a topic you are about to start?