Big Team Challenge 2024 – The Caribbean

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Another day, another challenge! Kudos to everyone who participated in February’s challenge. Our fantastic Active Essex team periodically provides us with new physical activity challenges. This time, it was a walk/run to the “Islands of the Caribbean,” with approximately 1,390 km to be covered by up to 5 team members.

The goal of these challenges is to encourage physical activity, which has numerous health benefits, and to make exercise fun. The first step in the challenge is to form a team and come up with a creative name. We had many inventive team names, and we’ve selected the top three:

Top 3 Creative Team Names:

  • Run Like the Winded
  • Turbo Snails
  • Legs Miserables

Congratulations to all! We eagerly anticipate the next round of your creativity.


The next noteworthy aspect is the statistics. How did we fare this time? According to the Active Essex Team;

  • this was the most engaging event to date, with 127 teams
  • 547 participants covering a total of almost 119 million steps! This event saw an increase of 350 participants compared to the previous one.

The Winners:

We extend our hearty congratulations to the winners – Latton Bush Walkers. They covered an impressive 1,974,757 steps (equivalent to 864 miles or 1,390 km). We reached out to the people who managed to cover the most distance to learn their strategies. How did they do it? What’s the secret?

A Special Note: For every 10 active participants that sign up for the challenge, one tree gets planted. This means that 109 trees will be planted thanks to your participation in our challenge – a big thank you to everyone who took part! Not only that, but we would also like to share some positive stories from our participants:

I would say that thinking about the positive impact on wellbeing the challenge can have is really important. From my experience of these challenges, you really do feel better, healthier. Lose weight and sleep better as a result of lots of walking. If you really want to do well (and let’s be honest, the challenge quickly becomes competitive!) then it is important to be quite structured and disciplined. I made sure to get in a good walk before work each day, again at lunchtime and most evenings were spent on the treadmill!

What’s Next?

The next challenge is in aid of International Women’s Day and aims to inspire women and girls across Essex to take part. Find out more about the challenge here, sign up yourself or help celebrate the women in your life!

Happy International Women's Day

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