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Data Talks is a new virtual showcase for Essex taking place 4 to 6 March 2024.

Data Talks brings together a diverse array of public and private sector expertise all with a shared passion for transforming data into actionable insights to achieve real and positive change.

Tailored for the public sector the varied programme of live Data Talks offers something for everyone, whether you are a senior leader setting organisation strategy, commission or manage services, or have access to data in your role. Covering topics from AI to data ethics, linked data to data literacy, starting small with analytics to effective data sharing, and much more, you're sure to discover something that aligns with your interests and responsibilities. Explore the full programme and secure your spot, it's free to attend!

 Why you should attend Data Talks

As we strive to address complex social challenges collaboration has become increasingly essential in unlocking insights from our data.

During Data Talks you will hear from a range of organisations helping you to:

  • Discover innovative solutions to gaining new insight about shared challenges.
  • Explore what’s possible for your organisation with data, the use of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Connect with organisations and individuals to exchange knowledge and share experience.
  • Identify skills, available resources, and opportunities to amplify data-driven initiatives.
  • Learn first-hand from those who have already harnessed the power of data analytics to achieve tangible results.

Data Talks is a collaboration between more than 20 organisations. The practical insights and case studies shared by presenters during Data Talks will inspire, support, and connect you with others, offering new perspectives on how your own data can contribute to meaningful transformation.

Don't miss this exciting event! 

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